23.06.2017 – INS Systems GmbH celeberates its 25th anniversary at the ”Villa Gans”

25 years are a long time – particularly in the IT business. It is an unparalleled challenge to keep track of all technical developments and to stay ahead of the market, but INS Systems GmbH from Oberursel has been doing exactly that every day since its founding – since 25 years.

Last weekend, the company’s milestone was celebrated with a grand reception and a revue of the most important events of the company’s history in the venerable Villa Gans. Oberursel’s Mayor Hans-Georg Brum praised the innovativeness and reliability of INS Systems GmbH during his speech. “We, as in the city of Oberursel, have been cooperating with INS for years on end and have experienced the company as a reliable and trustworthy partner,” praised the mayor. When it comes to IT, you could not ask for a better service provider. “From discussions held with my employees, I have gathered that the relationship with the INS is characterized by mutual respect and congenial cooperation. For if there is a problem, INS employees are always there by your side – until the problem is solved. “When it comes to a Municipality’s data, it  must be stored safely but always available – INS can ensure this with the actually possessed competences. INS owners Henning Frey and Eberhard Faust gladly returned the compliment: “The IT department of the Municipality has always shown itself to be flexible. Restructuring and repair works made to the system could take place during the night or on weekends – not commonplace for a Municipality. ”

The past shows us that INS always had a soft spot, a special link, to Oberursel due to its founders history. It began in 1992, when Henning Frey and Eberhard Faust decided to join their ideas, their knowledge and their know-how into a joint venture – thus, the INS was born. Fast forward 25 years, more than 100 employees implement challenging customer requirements every day, developing secure and flexible IT solutions. INS is known as a reliable and innovative partner throughout all of Germany in regards to services and questions concerning the IT infrastructure of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as DAX 30 companies.

Looking back, this is exactly what the founders wanted to accomplish when they started out in Oberursel, 25 years ago: developing professional IT solutions for challenging and sophisticated customers with a strong, regional team. Of course, the INS in Oberursel plans to continue living up to this goal in the future. The course has been set, including through the extensive ISO certification of the INS and the intensive training of the entire team. They look to the future: preluding the festive event, Henning Frey and Eberhard Faust presented new solutions and services planned for the near future. Everything is connected to the cloud: INS will expand its services and provide customers with a secure cloud solution, which will save data in Germany, while making it accessible to their customers no matter where they are – whether they are using desktop computers or smartphones.