Customized solutions for IT operations, cloud services and AI applications on high performance servers.

Machine learning is one of the exciting innovations in IT. Make data usable by utilizing Deep Learning and neural networks; this technology can be applied to a wide range of scenarios. For example, to read any type of handwriting, search through archives, detect cases of fraud, and recommend solutions for technical or business problems. All of these applications require modern and fast IT systems in a secure and scalable environment – which we offer with our IBM Power servers located in certified data centers in Germany and Switzerland. Of course, we also operate “normal” IT infrastructures for companies of all sizes and sectors, from the regional mid-sized sector to the DAX30 companies.

Document analysis: Transfer Artificial Intelligence into everyday solutions

In order to make Artificial Intelligence applicable to everyday solutions, INS presents a holistic concept together with Planet Artificial Intelligence GmbH. Planet AI has experience: ever since 1992, they have worked with methods of Machine Learning and engaged in the creation of cognitive systems, which understand images, documents and voices. For example, ArgusSearch is very effective in regards to handwriting recognition or document analysis. The tool can detect postal codes, cities, street names and house numbers – whether they are printed or handwritten. The solution enables full-text search in digital archives without indexation. Scanned fonts can searched for contents immediately. The transfer to nowadays fields of applications is manifold : Health insurance companies, for example, use the technology to process documents in the inbox. In the framework of a proof-of-concept this technology can be tested at any time or temporarily used via INS.

Scalable and flexible resources

If you need scalable and flexible resources, want to be worry-free in terms of security and compliance, and do not want to spend your own time on backups or IT operations, INS has the correct answer for you. The application containers are created and delivered by you. All test data and production data is provided by you, whether in physical form or from within the cloud. Operation, availability and backup are defined via Service Level Agreements (SLA). In addition to the actual development performance, time is the crucial factor when training modern high performance computing applications. This is why, IBM has developed the Power CPU with NVLink, a line of Linux servers, which provide a significantly faster data flow than the x86 systems can offer, with up to 80% more performance than that of the x86 system. INS offers you its IBM Power Systems with preinstalled Ubuntu, Docker, and the common Deep Learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe, or PyTorch, so that you can start working on the OS level right away to train sophisticated AI models, perform experiments, to learn new techniques.

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