Deep Learning platform for companies: High Power Computing with IBM PowerAI

If you want to utilize the latest AI technologies, you should not solely rely on computing power provided from the cloud: only when you combine high-performance CPUs such as those of the IBM PowerAI systems, GPU accelerators, NVMe storage, and high-performance networks such as Infiniband, you will be able to harness the full potential of Machine and Deep Learning. Moreover, these concepts meet the highest standards in terms of security: business-critical data remains protected within the own data center.

The benefits of PowerAI

– Fast implementation: the AI platform supports you from the creation of the prototype until the production of the marketable product, and can be installed within hours.
– Unique performance: a comparable scalability is by no means achievable with x86 servers.
– Easy adaption: compatible with the latest hardware generation including high-speed connection via NVLink between the CPU and GPU.
– Frameworks and libraries: optimized for high data volumes and peak flow.
– Multi-Tenant-Functionality and role-based access control: for various business areas and users in a company.
– Highest security: 24/7 technical support by IBM.
– Dependable on-premise infrastructure: IBM Power Systems sind laut according to ITIC*, IBM Power systems are the #1 in all major reliability categories worldwide.

* Once a year, the Information Technology Intelligence Consulting Corp. (ITIC) surveys 800 organizations worldwide in regards to the reliability of their servers and their server operating systems. In order to remain independent, the company does not accept sponsorship from any of the providers.

PowerAI + your applications = maximum production efficiency

By 2022, the European AI market will have grown from its current 3 billion Euros to 10 billion Euros. This corresponds to an average increase of 38 percent per year (source: Bitkom study, January 2019). The advantages of artificial intelligence for industrial companies are obvious. Nevertheless, mixed-use infrastructures promise the best results – on-premise and in the service cloud.

With IBM’s PowerAI, INS offers you a fully supported AI platform that delivers the highest levels of performance, reliability, and resilience. The underlying technology combines common open source frameworks with efficient development tools. Thus, you will be optimally supported when developing new AI applications, testing proof of concepts, and embedding necessary processes for production. Moreover, the perfectly matches modules PowerAI, PowerAI Enterprise, and PowerAI Vision deploy in such a way that allows for a quick and easy implementation of complex software architectures.

Designed specifically for AI applications, the IBM POWER9 CPU combines numerous technical highlights that are unique in this segment such as PCIe Gen4, OpenCAPI, Shared Infiniband, and NVLink 2.0e. Hence, the bandwidth between the CPU and the GPU is over five times greater than that of conventional PCIe-based systems thanks to NVLINK 2.0 with 150 GB / sec. Therefore, even challenging AI training tasks and data-intensive analysis procedures can be carried out in a short amount of time.
H2: No other server can keep up with the performance of the PowerAI
INS offers you only the latest, fastest and most flexible technologies: the PowerAI servers deliver performance for compute-intensive applications, which remain unreachable on standard servers. Furthermore, the optimized multi-dimensional hyper parameters search is an outstanding Machine Learning and Deep Learning tool. In addition, variable training allows for the allocation of resources needed to optimize performance, and distributed Deep Learning provides insights faster. Moreover, the PowerAI platform can run a variety of other HPC and High Performance Data Analytics workloads.The IBM Power System’s portfolio in detail

An overview of the most important components:

– The Power System‘s Accelerated Compute Server (AC922) offers top performance in the areas of High Performance Computing (HPC), Analytics and AI.
– The AC922 combines the outstanding AI performance, which is desired by data scientists, with the reliability, which is essential for IT architecture.
– The AC922 can house two Power9-CPUs and two to six Nvidia-Tesla-V100 graphic cards with NV-Link, at present the best available GPUs.
– Up to 5,6 times more I/O bandwidth than that of classic x86 servers.

Of course, our AI experts are happy to assist you in building up your own solution, which is individually tailored to your needs. Moreover, we will support you during all project phases up to the full operation of the systems. In addition, you can benefit from our close cooperation with Tech Data’s Artificial Intelligence Acceleration Team (German language link). The experts will be happy to advise you on strategic and conceptual issues.

Strong reasons for PowerAI

IBM’s AI platform is the right choice for you, if…
… you want an AI infrastructure which is scalable according to the growth of your business needs at any time.
… you value high CPU and GPU performance, but want to retain business-critical data within the enterprise.
… you want to test newly developed AI applications under real life conditions and wish to convert them into marketable products without losing unnecessary time.
… you love efficient and cost-effective AI concepts: PowerAI offers a variety of features to acquire fast and accurate insights with little infrastructure expenditure.
… you want to rely on experienced partners regarding security and compliance.

Have we piqued your interest? Then INS is looking forward to hearing from you!