IceWarp: email server & collaboration hub

Email, team chat, online storage, and more

IceWarp is our alternative for email, calendar, chat, online storage and document processing for your business – all in one easy-to-use web interface. IceWarp integrates all the functions of communication and collaboration using a modern and intuitive web interface, which you can access at any time via your web browser. Low cost and transparent software maintenance makes IceWarp the ideal solution for every business and application range. IceWarp is now used on more than 40,000 installations worldwide.

On your hardware or in the cloud

There are several options of purchase: IceWarp is available as a license for operation on your own hardware, or alternatively accessible via our cloud. One of the reasons for using IceWarp is that it supports virtually any mobile device without the need for a specific operating system. We are happy to advise you regarding the optimal solution for your business.

All-in-one solution: possibilities and features

Emails, calendars, contacts, apps. All in one.

The solution for email and collaboration in businesses for a modern workplace. The full range of higher productivity web apps includes apps for working with emails, calendars, online document editing, TeamChat, video calling, and online storage.    

  • Integration in TeamChat
  • Compatible with Outlook
  • Real time security
  • SmartAttach with control on duplicity     
  • Easily create emails

TeamChat is about real-time collaboration without using email

The modern communication tool for conversations and collaboration in teams or projects. TeamChat is available to you as a desktop app or online. Communicate in multiple groups at the same time, schedule appointments or conferences, and collaborate on your documents.     

  • Free accounts for (external) guests     
  • Integration of emails within TeamChat     
  • Chat in your team without limitation     
  • Comments, pins and quotes     
  • Desktop notifications

Documents, spreadsheets and presentations – just like in your office package

Create and edit documents online directly via your browser. The complete and full-fledged online solution for your team with all the important functions: creation and editing of documents, versioning, sharing of documents … our WebDocuments naturally support the Office formats of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Work seamlessly with email, TeamChat or the instant messaging solution.     

  • Professional working with documents     
  • Track the changes     
  • XML format and pivot tables     
  • Compatible with Word, Excel and PowerPoint