Accompanying small and medium-sized companies into the digital future.

The digital transformation affects all industries and business areas. In order to be able to hold your ground against the competition in the long run, it is important to firmly establish digitization across all business areas within the company. However, this presents a major challenge, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the various crafts. Usually, there exists a lack of the necessary capacities and also the means to carry out the relevant activities in a goal-oriented, successful and timely manner.

Digital transformation – what does that actually mean?

Steps to further the digitization of your company must always be considered individually. Concrete projects can be e.g. the following:

  • Digital support of and/or for individual processes
  • Setting up secure home office workplaces
  • Digital Readiness Assessment / Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Introduction of a (certified) information security management system
  • Creation of a secure IT network structure
  • Protection against ransomware and stable backup processes
  • Targeted online and social media marketing strategy
  • Marketing strategy for your own online shop
  • Process analysis, workshops, training

How and where can you start?

A basic analysis of the existing IT infrastructure and IT security offers a good starting point. Based on a requirements analysis, we create a feasibility analysis and carry out a risk assessment. You will receive concrete action recommendations as a result in order to advance the digitization of your company in a goal-oriented manner.

Who should pay for this? And what kind of funding opportunities are there?

In our experience, practice-oriented consulting and implementation services for technological projects are an enormous commercial challenge, especially for small and medium-sized companies. For this very reason, we have specialized in a variety of funding programs in order to advise you on the selection of possible funding programs for the digitization of your Germany-based company. The federal and state governments provide numerous national and regional funds, especially for companies with fewer than 500, 250 or 100 employees. Moreover, we relieve you of all formalities – starting from the application process for funding up to the proof of use. In this way, you benefit from tailored consultation which is based on your specific needs.

Make an appointment with us for a free initial consultation, in which we will select the appropriate funding program to meet your requirements.

Have we sparked your interest? If so, we look forward to hearing from you!


IWL-study: What makes companies willing to start the digitization process tick?

Digitization is not a tiresome topic – on the contrary: 89% of the entrepreneurs who were surveyed by the Institute for Innovation and Information management (IWL) as part of a study stated that they perceive digitization as more of an opportunity and less as a risk.

The “IWL” study shows how companies really tick: On what do SMEs set their focus, how do they act and what potential and hurdles are revealed within the context of digital solutions? These various points are explained on the basis of hypotheses and finally discussed in the current version.

You can get the study free of charge from the Digitalzentrum Berlin: (German language).