Mailstore: email archive

Not only is audit-proof archiving of e-mails compulsory for all companies located in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but it also offers numerous economic and technical advantages. Nevertheless, especially small and medium-sized enterprises often fail to consider this. In order to prevent e-mails from being deleted accidentally or deliberately by users, the utilization of an e-mail archiving software is highly recommended.

We are happy to suggest the utilization of MailStore, a tried and tested software solution which convinced us by its sheer range of functionality.

The MailStore Server allows your business to easily and securely take advantage of all benefits of modern email archiving. MailStore stores full copies of all inbound and outbound emails in a central archive, ensuring long-term availability and security of your data. Moreover, your users can continue to access their emails and search them extremely quickly, for example through seamless integration of Microsoft Outlook. Threough the utilization of Mailstore, your entire e-mail traffic is archived in compliance with the law, your IT systems are noticeable relieved, and administration costs are drastically reduced.

Advantages of e-mail archiving:

  • Fulfillment of all legal requirements (for example the GDPR)
  • 100% complete archiving
  • Independence from PST files
  • Efficiently search through all emails
  • Outsourcing data from the e-mail server
  • Save up to 70% of storage space
  • Availability of all data in case of damage
  • High user acceptance due to seamless integration e.g. Microsoft Outlook
  • Extremely fast full-text search