1992 – INS in Oberursel is founded by Eberhard Faust and Henning Frey. The company is focussed on system engineering. In 1997, INS is expanded to become a comprehensive system house portfolio.

2002 – INS has grown into one of ten leading system house partners of Hewlett Packard in Germany and integrates GTS-Gral as Citrix platinum partner of INS.

2007 – INS has positioned itself as cloud service provider „made in Germany“ and takes on comprehensive data center services for Continental AG.

2013 – INS expands its service and support area and adds services of premium quality in the service center to the portfolio.

2015 – INS Group invests in process services and takes over CAG, a consulting company active in the sector of business process management.

2016 – With its strong focus on IT-security and compliance, INS has installed an integrated management system. And thus, has been certified by the DQS in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

2018 – After a rigorous review of INS’s platform, security systems, organization and data centers, the company received the “Certificate of PCI compliance” according to the current PCI Data Security Standard v3.2 on the 29th of January 2018.