09.04.2020 – Jitsi instead Zoom & Co. – Easy, advantageous and DSGVO-compliant video conferencing

Update: We continue to use Jitsi Meet as an internal video conferencing solution in our company, but we decided to stop offering the solution as a managed service on January 1st, 2022.

In times of Covid-19, video conferencing is essential. With INS-VideoConferencing, video conferences are provided and set up for you in seconds via the German cloud: Participants do not need a separate account or need to be employed in the same company. The web app enables you to start password-protected video chats directly via browser. Moreover, it is not necessary to install software on the PC because everything runs in the browser. Additionally, an app for iOS and Android is available to use on tablets or mobile phones. We operate the software for you in our high-security data centers located in Germany and Switzerland – of course GDPR-compliant.

Easy handling: Video conferencing via browser and without any additional software installation

Start a video chat with just one click. Participants can join your meeting utilizing a simple URL. In addition to the video chat, you can share your screen or a YouTube video and also record the meeting. Furthermore, a chat window is also integrated. Moderators can enjoy these practical features: You can mute all participants with one click to eliminate any kind of annoying background noise.

Our web app is based on the open source tool Jitsi Meet, which can be utilized directly via browser without any restrictions. No additional desktop software needed to use the open source tool.

Individual online conference rooms on demand or an unlimited system for your company:

Basically, you can install Jitsi Meet as a free version in your own data center or utilize one of the available public installations.

However, if you are looking for a professional solution, which runs on a stable and secure platform, INS ist he right partner for you: We provide you with a flexible video conference room for up to 20 participants on one of our servers in a comfortable and uncomplicated manner – and for less than € 10,- per month.

We would be happy to provide you with a test access at any given time: Naturally, we utilize the tool ourselves and are thrilled.

You need more than a handful of video chats and all at the same time? Talk to us: We will install a virtual server for your own use in our data center, on which you can run nearly unlimited video conferences at the same time. Of course, including a simple administration interface and secure access. And at a charming price.

Is the system for video conferencing secure and DSGVO-compliant?

A video conference via Jitsi Meet is fully encrypted. No personal data is collected as no separate account is required to use it. Moreover, a meeting can also be secured against the participation of unauthorized persons via a password.

Anyone who has read through data protection regulations of online video conference systems will no longer agree that those services meet the legal requirements of the German data protection or the GDPR. Especially in regards to the corporate environment, it is very difficult to argue that various providers adhere to the laws applicable in the EU: US companies – no matter where their servers are located – must comply first and foremost with US laws, which calls for the possibility of undetected access at any time (even via an order employing a third party). In regards to that, no information can be obtained, nor can a complaint be drafted.

Our alternative, uses the software exclusively in one of our certified data centers located in Germany and optionally Switzerland. What is more, the high security standards in accordance with the requirements of the internationally recognized standard ISO / IEC 27001 apply to our data centers.

Can the system be utilized on a smartphone?

Jitsi Meet is available as a web app as well as a smartphone app for Android and iOS. Therefore, you can join a meeting using either a PC or a smartphone. To participate in a video chat via smartphone, simply enter the conference name of your meeting inside the input field at the top of the app. Utilizing the smartphone app is intuitive and like a child’s play.

Have we piqued your interest? Then INS is looking forward to hearing from you!