We provide you with a modern, safe and affordable IT

Digitization offers many advantages for your company. However, at the same time, the profitability of the utilized IT solutions is becoming increasingly important and individual solutions are in high demand. According to a study conducted by the IWL, more than 40% of small and medium-sized companies fear high acquisition costs for their IT, and almost 40% consider the ready-made solutions available on the market as too large-scale.

In many companies, the IT infrastructure evolved historically and is made up of many individual parts which were added over time. Such a construct oftentimes results in weak spots, technological stand-alone solutions or unwanted dependencies – these may pose a threat to the company’s entire IT.

In-depth IT-infrastructure analysis

In a joint effort, our experts determine your actual need for IT support for your business in a detailed IT infrastructure analysis. Based on this catalogue of requirements, we analyze the existing components and their interactions and identify potential for further development of your IT environment.

You get an overview of all the IT products in your company that is based on the results of the analysis, and thus a well-founded basis for making decisions regarding your IT strategy. Moreover, we keep the IT security requirements in sight and work with you to plan a manufacturer-independent recommended course of action and define concrete goals for your company’s IT roadmap.

As an authorized partner of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, INS can apply for up to 50% funding for this analysis, provided that your company falls within the scope of the respective regulations for regional or national funding programs (SME).

Our specific services

  • Initial assessment of your company’s IT structure
  • Analysis of the current state of all utilized IT infrastructure components
  • Identification and assessment of weak spots
  • Review the possibility to outsource the IT support via Managed Service or to relocate to the cloud / cloud readiness assessment (upon request)
  • Drafting of action recommendations for the optimization of your company’s IT

We ensure a future-proof IT infrastructure

Gain access to the knowledge of certified experts and have your individual IT infrastructure evaluated efficiently and further developed, all in accordance to your requirements.

Make an appointment with us for a free initial consultation, during which we will discuss your specific requirements and show you the various options.


IWL-study: What makes companies willing to start the digitization process tick?

Digitization is not a tiresome topic – on the contrary: 89% of the entrepreneurs who were surveyed by the Institute for Innovation and Information management (IWL) as part of a study stated that they perceive digitization as more of an opportunity and less as a risk.

The “IWL” study shows how companies really tick: On what do SMEs set their focus, how do they act and what potential and hurdles are revealed within the context of digital solutions? These various points are explained on the basis of hypotheses and finally discussed in the current version.

You can get the study free of charge from the Digitalzentrum Berlin: https://digitalzentrum.berlin/ich-will-loslegen-studie-bestellen (German language).