Apply for the nationwide funding for companies with up to 100 employees

The go-digital funding program supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and craft businesses based in Germany that want to optimize their business processes with the help of digital solutions, in a service- and customer-oriented, efficient and secure manner.

As a consulting company, which was authorized by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, we are ready to provide you with professional advice and support. We advise you regarding the funding program, namely in regards to the modules “Digitized Business Processes” and “IT Security”. Our partner, the Medienhaus Waltrop, is responsible for the “Digital Market Development” module. Moreover, we relieve you of all formalities – starting from the application process for funding up to the proof of use. In this way, you benefit from tailored consultation which is based on your specific needs

In order to relieve you of bureaucracy, we, as an authorized consulting company, take on the application process for funding. We also take care of the billing and the required proof of use.

Who can be funded?

  • Company size: commercial company
  • with a permanent establishment or branch in Germany
  • Max. 100 employees
  • Balance sheet total/sales: < 20 Mio. / < 20 Mio Euros

The federal government covers up to 50 percent of the costs, up to a maximum of 16.500 Euros.

What can be funded?

The development of new customers and markets through digital media and strategies, the digitization of business processes, and the security of the IT systems and infrastructure required for this are all important competitive factors. Therefore, go-digital provides targeted support for these three areas:

Digitized Business Processes

Introduction of e-business software solutions for overall and sub-processes, e.g. returns management, logistics, warehousing, payment systems. The aim: Digitize business processes in the company as consistently as possible, while establishing secure electronic and mobile processes.

Digital Market Development

Development of a company-specific online marketing strategy, setting up a professional, legally secure internet presence (with web shop, social media tools, content marketing). The aim: Consultation on various aspects of professional online marketing and implementation of the recommended services.

IT Security

Risk and security analysis of existing/planned ICT infrastructure, initiation/optimization of operational IT security management systems. The aim: Prevention of damage/minimization of risks through cybercrime.
The modules can be combined with each other, in the course of this the IT security is very important. Every consulting service must therefore include mandatory advice on IT security.

Make an appointment with us for a free initial consultation, in which we will select the suitable funding program for your requirements.

For example, start with an initial analysis project focusing on your IT infrastructure and/or your IT security, which is also funded.