Automated handwriting recognition

PLANET AI’s Intelligent Document Analysis Suite (IDA) can read and understand a broad spectrum of documents from ancient hand-written documents to modern machine-generated ones.

IDA puts the power of artificial intelligence at the disposal of your application by integrating document classification, search and transcription in a complete package accessible through its well-defined application program interface (API).

Recognition of manuscripts in high process efficiency

Large volumes of handwritten documents and forms present a major challenge to science and business, especially when it comes to analyzing and interpreting the information they contain. The prerequisite for this is that the text is transcribed into a machine-readable format. Manual steps of procedure mean a great expenditure of time and lead to high costs.

Not anymore! Our partner’s software, automatically converts all types of handwritten documents into searchable electronic formats and thereafter allows for keyword and term search (keyword spotting – KWS). This is possible due to the new patent-pending AI technology and PlanetAI’s award-winning handwriting recognition.

The AI-based solution can handle more than 50,000 documents per hour. In order to process the same amount of documents manually over the same time period, you would require 1,600 people, with an average processing time of 2 minutes per document.

The speed of the offered full-text search is also unparalleled: within one second, the software can search for specific words or search terms through 10,000 document pages. Additionally, the quality of the search results is exceptionally high: the hit rate for flow handwriting, in which the individual characters cannot be recognized separately, is 97 percent.

Many sectors need handwriting recognition

Wherever there are large volumes of handwritten documents, there is a potential use for PlanetAI’s solution. These range from historical manuscripts on doctor and hospital forms to loan applications.

A lot of archives and libraries have historical collections of manuscripts containing valuable information for science. As a rule of thumb, those documents are scanned, archived as a graphic format, and made available on the Internet. However, in order to work with the manuscripts, it is essential that the documents are transcribed and provided as a readable text. Thus, the documents can be searched for specific words and terms, and the results filtered. Scientific projects already utilize the solution from PlanetAI for this exact task.

Further fields of application are banks and insurance companies as well as the healthcare sector are further fields of application. Here, the specific focus is on the recognition of forms with handwritten information. The software analyzes and identifies the forms, matches the contents of the fields with dictionaries and extracts the data. All processes are fully automated. It is then possible that all employees can search for relevant patient or customer information within the documents in a matter of seconds.

PlanetAI’s solution makes it possible for you to focus on analyzing your data and making decisions. Moreover, we extract the necessary information from your complex and large amounts of data for you.

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