Master the challenges of backing up your data

Traditional backup models no longer offer the performance and scalability required by today’s businesses. The focus in the past has been on reducing backup windows, but that focus has shifted to reliable and fast recovery times. After all, what does it matter if data is saved multiple times a day, but this data cannot be recovered quickly in an emergency?

Fast backup and just as fast recovery of your data

What is needed is a solution that enables fast backup and fast recovery. IT has become critical to business continuity – so the challenges for disaster recovery have increased dramatically. Even a short outage can already lead to significant revenue losses and negative impact on the company’s reputation.

Defined and tested disaster scenarios

Companies must be prepared for any type of failure, including defined and tested disaster scenarios. Therefore, The challenge with traditional backup is that extensive restores can take days or weeks. Full recovery after disaster can be extremely problematic. Consequently, faster methods that enable instant data recovery locally and/or in the cloud are of great importance.

We support you in making your data “disaster-proof “

We have rethought backup/recovery and data backup completely: With the solutions of the proven enterprise software provider Acronis, we are able to offer you a modern data protection concept that also keeps an eye on future developments – both in your data center and highly flexible from the (German) cloud.

Let’s talk about your options for an optimal backup strategy.