ins42: cloud based office solution

INS offers a powerful ERP solution for small and medium-sized companies with its in-house development ins42 as part of its portfolio. The fully integrated system ins42 manifests itself through its modular structure, the flexible handling, and the far-reaching scalability in regards to our customer’s need. ins42 integrates fundamental elements such as inventory management, ticketing system, time recording, or address management, which are necessary for an organization to work effectively. Furthermore, ins42 is browser-based and can therefore be utilized no matter where or when.

The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is the centerpiece, which can defined completely by the user himself. Thus, allowing you to create all forms of operational assets and to assign them specific properties. Other modules, such as document management, ticketing system or visitor management, connect to the Asset Management.

The highlight: All data is integrated into one solution and as a result, turns ins42 into the central organizational platform for the company’s IT.

A short overview of the modules and functionalities:

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

The CMDB module serves as a flexible management tool for inventory, storage space and also for movable assets and/or real estate. The sky is the limit. For example, you can manage your employee data, keys, logs, etc., and interconnect them via parent-child relationships. The relevant data from the individual modules can be assigned to all assets, so that the user has a seamless history for each asset at one’s disposal – a requirement of the ITIL® framework.

Enterprise Ressource Planning (ERP)

The ERP module enables you to create offers, orders, delivery notes and invoices. It paves the way for the calculation and recording of complex production steps and an analysis of the revenue for each order. Furthermore, recorded incoming bills and outgoing invoices can be transferred to an external accounting system. The account management of the ERP system included in ins42 allows for cost control, budget planning, and budget monitoring in connection with optional time recording without the use of external accounting tools.

Document Management System (DMS)

The DMS module is a full-featured document management system. Herein, you can configure different types of documents flexibly and enter specific metadata for the quick search option. It is possible to edit documents with OnlyOffice directly, as all formats of MS Office are supported. Thus, make sure that all your documents are up to date and in the right hands, taking the versioning within the DMS into account.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Through the integration of the CRM module into the ERP system, you avoid redundancies in regards to the data management and have specifically tailored functionalities for the customer relationship management, which function in real time and include a complete customer overview.

Ticketing System

The ticketing system allows for the recording, planning, control and documentation of a wide range of operations including the recording of respective working hours with an analysis by working groups or various activities. Moreover, the ticketing system supports e.g. Incident, Problem and Change Management in accordance with ITIL®.

Password Safe

When utilizing the password module, you save your passwords along with the user names in a database and securely store all your login details/access data. Access can be gained statically via rights management or dynamically via ticket and approval.

ins42 does not make the claim to be the best available system for any of its disciplines. Its strength lies in the combination. The fully integrated system ins42 manifests itself through its modular structure, the flexible handling, and the far-reaching scalability in regards to our customers need. As a matter of course, a gradual integration, module by module, is possible. In its entirety, the ERP solution is a valuable tool, especially when the data integration occurs across all modules, which is why INS employs it in our own organization. Once you have decided to utilize ins42, INS’ software developers will customize it accordingly. Moreover, the tool is delivered with an offer for comprehensive training aimed at all employees who will work with ins42 in the future.

We will gladly provide extensive and personal consulting.