kiwiko eG: IT expert network

The heterogeneous partner landscape of kiwiko eG consists of 38 ICT system houses and consulting companies with more than 1,200 employees, who offer their services at 70 locations in Germany. From individual PCs to complex infrastructure solutions, our cooperation partners are your trusted advisors.



FIR e. V. at RWTH Aachen University

Creating and Using Networks FIR e.V. is a registered association consisting of over 120 companies and other associations with shared interests. Its main objective is to act as a driving force behind the development of the topic of business organisation under the umbrella term of industrial management. The association forms an active network with national and international partners from the fields of research and industry.



Kundendienst-Verband Deutschland e.V. (KVD)

KVD e.V. is the largest and most important professional association for service manager, service experts and junior employees in customer service and service in a wide variety of industries, e.g. ITC industry, mechanical engineering industry, medical technology, consumer products and household appliances, multimedia, automotive, renewable energies and science. Members range from small and medium-sized firms (SMEs) to large international companies.



Digitale Stadt Düsseldorf e.V.

Digital City Düsseldorf connects growing future industries of information and telecommunication business with classical sectors. More than 270 companies from the Dusseldorf area have federated within the network in the last years.