Platform as a Service (PaaS) is an alternative possibility to outsource your IT infrastructure. The operational approach is not the concept of full service but to use a state-of-the-art platform inside a remote data center and to manage the operation and strategy yourself.

What you get is a hybrid between in-house operations and outsourcing which you can realise with reduced investment costs and also exhaust all positive opportunities to keep innovation cycles and modernisation of the platform. Hereby, the maintenance of your cash-flow as well as a cost-transparent operational model on a rental basis are effective.


• Data base interfaces
• Reporting and dashboard tools databases
• Security concepts


On the basis of managed service „infrastructure as a service“, we operate your IT environment from our TIER 3+ data centers in Germany and Switzerland on a modern and high-level virtualized infrastructure environment. We focus on the use of enterprise technologies, a high quality of service, low prices, a high degree of agility and flexibility, the adaptability to your business processes as well as on a high security level.