With Desktop as a Service (DaaS), your cloud service provider INS offers you a safe and flexible access to your usual desktop environment. Furthermore, you are independent from the type of terminal device and regardless of where you or your employees are in the world.

INS is aware of its responsibility as managed service provider and guarantees availability, backups, virus protection and disaster recovery in their high-availability data centers.


  • everywhere available at any time
  • independent from devices
  • professional backups, virus protection and disaster recovery
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA), guaranteed availability, time of reaction and solution
  • pay-per-use basis, investment protection
  • hosted in high available TIER3+ data centers located in Germany
  • scalable, flexible and extendable anytime
  • “one-to-many”, continuous updates for all


Depending on your needs, INS offers you Desktop as a Service as a private or public cloud solution. When choosing private cloud solution, you decide whether INS operates DaaS on your own in-house hardware or whether INS shall operate these services in INS data centers.
Rent instead of buy! Instead of expensive hard- and software, which is not fully exploited depending on the utilization and which does not correspond to the technical requirements within five years at the most, INS offers you a pay-per-use model.
Your advantage: Stay flexible and only make use of the services that you really need! Like all other INS managed services, Desktop as a service solutions are defined in Service Level Agreement.