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Optimizing IT costs while simultaneously preparing for future growth and digital transformation is the great challenge of digitalization. Whether you need a high-availability enterprise solution or rely on cost-effective open source software: INS supports you in an uncomplicated and professional manner: Our customers benefit from 30 years of professional experience and continuous investments in a comprehensive solution portfolio.

The range of our customers includes small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and DAX-40 companies. Small and medium-sized companies in particular can benefit from the same scalability and tried and tested technology concepts as large companies.

Analysis of the existing IT infrastructure and IT security

In a joint effort, our experts determine your actual need for IT support for your business in a detailed IT infrastructure analysis. Based on this catalogue of requirements, we analyze the existing components and their interactions and identify potential for further development of your IT environment.

You get an overview of all the IT products in your company that is based on the results of the analysis, and thus a well-founded basis for making decisions regarding your IT strategy. Moreover, we keep the IT security requirements in sight and work with you to plan a manufacturer-independent recommended course of action and define concrete goals for your company’s IT roadmap. We will be happy to implement the measures for you according to your prioritization and find solutions that fit your budget.

We would like to present two tangible projects to you below:

An example: Implementation of a digitization roadmap

The background story behind the order was to enable competitiveness and growth through further digitalization, even if the actual core business model (craft business) could not be digitally transformed, but could be meaningfully supported by digital products. The focus was centered on an analysis of the use of cloud technology in order to enable location-independent flexibility and performance, which at the same time had to be be highly secure in regards to customer data and planning data, so that sales, administration and planning could be carried out more effectively and efficiently.

Based on the needs analysis, a feasibility analysis and a risk assessment (e.g. availability, IT security) was compiled, which contained action recommendations for implementation in the form of a concrete roadmap: e.g. as a first step, the migration to cloud technology for the planning and administration area, the use of cloud telephony, and the future-proof virtualization of the IT infrastructure.

Furthermore, in order to digitize the customer’s existing business processes in a future-proof manner, the existing IT infrastructure (technology, software, processes) and process landscape were analyzed as part of a digital readiness assessment, with the aim to digitally support the current business model optimally through the digital transformation process.

Another example: Increasing the degree of digitization

The customer consulted INS in regards to the increase of the degree of digitization and the further digitization strategy with regard to the company’s existing business processes. Of course, this included the compilation of a roadmap for the continued digital transformation of the company:

  • Increasing the degree of digitization by further developing the existing ERP system and enabling a more flexible handling of existing business processes, including the automation of digital business processes
  • Risk analysis and identification of measures for risk treatment/reduction
  • Digital Readiness Assessment in regards to the use of cloud technologies
  • Action recommendations based on ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 27002 to achieve high data security and availability
  • Measures to expand the existing IT infrastructure in order to eliminate risks
  • Development of a modern data security concept to enable the continued digitization
  • Measures to create a future-proof platform for the continued digitization of business processes

Based on the needs analysis, a short to medium-term digitization strategy was drawn up and specific action recommendations were defined as part of the feasibility analysis. As the first steps of implementation, a follow-up project was designed according to the digitization roadmap that was developed, which implemented a future-proof and economical goal- infrastructure with a strong focus on the use of open source software, which, in addition to a significant increase in performance, primarily offers protection against malware and ransomware attack scenarios. A modern and reliable backup infrastructure to protect the critical data had to be considered.

Who should pay all of this? We are experienced with governmental funding!

The legislator provides numerous federal and state funds for Germany-based companies. And in many cases, those grants do not have to be paid back and are therefore an attractive financing instrument, especially for small and medium-sized companies.

We help you during the selection process of the funding program to find the one which is right for you and create your individual digitization plan with you. In order to relieve you in regards to the bureaucratic tasks, we, as an authorized consulting company, see to the application process for funding if this is permitted by the respective funding program. In programs for which you have to apply yourself, we accompany you during the entire process and help you to complete the appropriate plans, application forms and formalities. Of course, we also take care of the billing and the required proof of use.

We take care of your future-proof IT infrastructure

Gain access to the knowledge of certified experts and have your individual IT infrastructure evaluated efficiently and further developed, all in accordance to your requirements.

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