To break up rigid structures, to identify inefficient processes, to develop and implement new business models: If you want to succeed with your organization, you first have to understand it first. Complex processes, operations and structures could be understood more quickly and comprehensively if they are graphically represented. To be able to simulate them afterwards, shows potentials for the effective optimization of existing processes and for the useful establishment of new business processes. This promises more success for your business.

As a strategic technology partner of iGrafX, INS supports you in process management with the established software tools of iGrafX. Therefore, you can visualize, simulate and optimize processes in an effective way. When using the tools, INS is the reliable partner on your side: As a consultant when using iGrafX and as solution and technology partner for iGrafX in Germany. This means: Your data is safe.

INS is the only demo center provider in Europe and therefore  offers you extensive possibilities to discover the comprehensive Business Process Management solutions of iGrafX – just try it!

The highlights of the BPM solution iGrafX used by INS:

  • Web-based software as a Service platform with centralized access and state-of-the-art user experience
  • High security by SSL encryption, highly available Tier3+ data centers in Germany and a mirrored infrastructure
  • Modularly and individually extensible for each user, for example by business modeling architecture, risk management, performance management, process automation and SAP modeling
  • Merging of the three major process components: IT, business analysis and process initiatives
  • Unique selling feature by complete Six Sigma-, Kaizen- and Lean integration