Backup as a Service

Today’s businesses require a level of performance and scalability which traditional backup models no longer offer. In the past, the main focus used to be on the reduction in backup windows, but nowadays the importance has shifted to reliable and fast recovery times. After all, what use are daily, multiple data backups, if the data cannot be recovered quickly in the case of an emergency? A solution that enables fast backups and fast recoveries is vital.

That’s why we completely rethought the backup/recovery and data protection process: Employing solutions from the well-established enterprise vendors Veeam and Acronis, we are able to provide you with a modern data protection concept, which allows us to keep future innovations in mind – whether it be on-site in your data center or from within the highly flexible (German) cloud. Backup as a Service offers you the full flexibility of a cloud solution. Hence, you can expand the required storage space at any given time and at short notice according to the quantities actually needed.

For instance, make use of INS’ secure, reliable, and scalable offsite backup which utilizes a powerful hybrid backup solution in order to protect your data. It combines the tried and tested benefits of the industry leaders Acronis/Veeam (Backup) with INS’ own data storage systems, as well as those of leading S3 storage providers, in a smart and cost-effective way.

Simultaneously secure any data on-site and in the cloud – whether it be drives, partitions, servers, data, mobile devices – and restore it quickly and easily. We support you if you want to keep your data safe from “catastrophic” events.