01.07.2021 – New management team at INS Systems GmbH and INS Consulting GmbH

Anyone managing their company’s business for decades will reach that certain point asking themselves: For how much longer do I want to do this? How will the company evolve in the future?

We, Eberhard Faust and Henning Frey, have invested precious time and a lot of thought to find and select the right successors. We are pleased to announce that come July 2021 a new era will start for our company: after almost 30 years of being directly involved working in and leading the company, we will hand over the reins of the operational management of INS to a new and younger leadership. New leaders who have already proven themselves as highly/ most capable and who have been with INS for a long time. They should therefore be well known to you.

Our long-standing managing partner of INS Consulting GmbH, Markus Baumann, alongside with Knut Krummnacker and Giovanni Serpi will form the new triad at the head of both INS Consulting GmbH as well as INS Systems GmbH: they will assume responsibility over the management on the 1st of July 2021. Simultaneously, we, Eberhard Faust and Henning Frey, are leaving both companies as managing directors.

Markus Baumann (60), since 2000 managing partner of INS Consulting GmbH, will be responsible for the branches of pre-sales, consulting, and project management for both companies within the newly established management.

Knut Krummnacker (50) has been with INS since 2015 and was appointed the authorised representative (authorised signatory) of INS Systems GmbH in 2017. He has since been responsible for sales, marketing and quality management as well as the management of our office in Neuss / North Rhine-Westphalia. As managing director, he will also assume the responsibility of human resources.

Giovanni Serpi (49) has been with INS since 2010. He has been responsible for IT operations, IT service management, and information security ever since 2017. Within the newly established management, Mr. Serpi assumes responsibility of finance and controlling also.

The existing managing directors, Eberhard Faust and Henning Frey, are not about to retire entirely: Both companies are subsidiaries of the INS Verwaltungsges. mbH, whose owners and managing directors they will remain. Both will continue to advise the new management to the best of their capabilities.

INS Systems AG in Switzerland will continue to be represented by Henning Frey as managing director.

INS would like to continue the dynamic development of the last years with this rejuvenation process of the INS’s top management. The new management stands for continuity and sees to the future focus of INS in independent IT consulting and professionally managed IT as well as comprehensive cloud services for the accelerating digital transformation. Moreover, the owners have and have had great confidence in all employees of the INS Group, including the former and the new management.

Thank you very much for the trust you have placed in us in the past. We are looking forward to continue a reliable and stable partnership with you.