04.06.2018 – CEBIT 2018: INS together with IBM

The 11th to 15th of June will see the “Summer CEBIT” opening for business in Hanover. INS is in attendance with IBM, in pavilion 35, and will present new technologies in the fields of Cognitive Computing and Deep Learning. We are keen to find out how the Information and Communication Technology Exhibition reinvented itself and moreover, how exhibitors, participants and visitors will receive the new concept.

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud, Internet of Things – these new and smart technologies are changing the world. More rapidly than ever before. They offer the opportunity for new and different ways to think. But smart technologies alone are not enough. Together with our partner, IBM, we will show you how smart technologies can turn into really smart solutions. Sustainable and responsible solutions ingeniously implemented to create a safer and better world.

Drop in at pavilion 35 to visit us, smack in the middle of the new CEBIT, and seek answers to your questions.

For the first time and together with IBM, we will be presenting real-world deployment scenarios from the fields of traffic monitoring and document recognition, which are made possible through the utilization of the neural networks on the IBM Power Systems. What’s more, systems outfitted with the IBM Power processors which are conneted to Nvidia GPUs via an NVLink interface are currently the fastest and most accurate option for cognitive computing tasks.

2017 saw INS expanding its Managed Service portfolio with the currently fastest technology using Nvidia Tesla GPUs. After all, we consider this seminal technology to be so promising that we offer these systems in a variety of Managed Service forms within a transparent PaaS model.

INS provides interested customers with a platform which is based on these systems from the cloud. Thus, allowing you to calculate your scenarios directly on our IBM Power Systems in order to assess how fast and effective these systems work in practice in comparison to theoretical benchmarks. One major advantage of this model is the absence of capital-binding investments (CAPEX) during test scenarios. Our Managed Service approach provides the opportunity to utilize an efficient cognitive computing platform which is purely based on operational costs (OPEX). In addition, you do not need to set up your own operations team in order to take care of these special systems.

Our Ubuntu and Docker-based container technology allows for the creation of your specific scenario through the uncomplicated utilization of the desired container(s) on our platform. Furthermore, the operation of the infrastructure and the management of the entire system can be expanded to include extended scenarios upon request, encompassing full operation of the systems including backup, archiving and disaster recovery scenarios.

Naturally, we offer this service in a variety of scenarios such as an on-premise solution from your data center or located on your campus.