25.06.2018 – And that’s it: CEBIT 2018

The re-envisioned CEBIT, with its concept of expo, conference, and festival atmosphere, was launched to provide new insights into the digitisation of the economy and society. Thus, it was with anticipation that we travelled to Hanover in order to present our solutions for High Performance Computing, and the use of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks, together with IBM, Techdata and PlanetAI. To anticipate our conclusion: We are thrilled with the new CEBIT!

“Less, but definitely more satisfied trade fair visitors”, as summarized by Heise in regards to the CEBIT 2018. Overall, more than 2,800 participating companies, more than 600 speakers on 10 stages and 370 start-ups originating from Europe, Africa and Asia turned Hanover into the “hotspot of digitization” for five days. We were represented at the IBM booth, directly located in pavilion 35. Supported by and in tandem with Stefan Diederichs (IBM) and Nelson Fernandes (PlanetAI), we presented our solutions for the fuss-free use of power AI systems – that is what we call teamwork.

We certainly cannot complain about too few interested parties. On the contrary, the pavilion was well frequented on each of the four days and we were able to establish many new contacts, as well as to conduct countless exciting conversations. The new booth concept adopted by IBM has worked wonderfully – according to press reports and the feedback from trade fair visitors, no other provider has been able to reposition itself as well as IBM. This was certainly not least due to the fact that numerous business partners, as well as INS, were able to showcase solutions for day-to-day use cases utilising IBM systems live.

Our goal for this year‘s “new” CEBIT was to discuss our services and AI solutions together with our customers and prospective customers. In other words, to establish a detailed exchange and to receive valuable feedback. The objective, to demonstrate tangible use cases pertaining existing applications of artificial intelligence from a wide variety of industries for CEBIT visitors. To that end, we presented solutions from the range of topics such as traffic monitoring, logistics and document analysis.

Our AI team consists of four providers INS, IBM, Techdata and PlanetAI, and uses a holistic approach in order to demonstrate the use of Artificial Intelligence on high-performance Power AI systems. We support our customer‘s business cases with suitable software technology, optimal hardware, and the management of these high-end infrastructures, so that a business case can be developed into a fully operational product as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the trade fair visitors accepted this concept with a remarkable readiness. Thus it became very clear that we are on the right track and that, with the support of our partners, we have the correct answers to all our customer‘s questions.

The next CEBIT will take place from the 24th – 28th of June 2019 in Hannover– we are looking forward to it!

If your interest about the AI solutions lurking behind traffic surveillance, logistics and document analysis is roused, you find information on our partner’s, PLANET artificial intelligence GmbH, homepage “www.planet-ai.de“, or you directly contact us.

We will be happy to advise you, in cooperation with our partner network, in regards to all issues relating to the application of neural networks in your business. The consulting service spans the entire width from the development of use cases, the queries concerning the right development platform, and the development of your Deep-Learning solution, to the ideal infrastructure for the finished production system.

Your company has privacy concerns in regards to the development of a KI solution within the cloud and/or is in need of a more flexible solution than the standard AI cloud tenders? INS has the solution for you!

Employing German data centers and the highest security standards, INS offers you High Performance Computing Platform as a Service (based on IBM Power AI Systems) from the private cloud, or supports the installation and operation of an on-premise infrastructure in your data center. What’s more, the whole thing works as a hybrid solution.

We welcome the challenges that your ideas will provide!

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Key Account Manager

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